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About me:

Hi! my name is Bryan Minciuna, I am a independent developper and this is my personal portfolio where I am going to share my creations, skills and future projects!

My BIGGEST projects:

Here is a list of all my projects accomplished throughout my career as a developper.

My portfolio

(Yes, even this website is a project by itself!)

successful Finished
This website took me a lot of time for learning the big leagues of html and css, I also experienced just a bit of JavaScript.
  • Html and Css
  • JavaScript
  • Svg art for some icons
Gants LSF

A school project gone too far...

successful Finished
This VERY ambitious project for a 15 years old developper was a huge step in my carreer and also the cause of my huge lack of sleep.
  • C#
  • Camera hardware
  • Basic engineering + 3D printing

A bit about myself...

My name is Bryan Minciuna, I am a canadian highschool student and I've been in touch with coding since I was 12 years old. I've always been facsinated of how video games worked and wanted someday to make my own dream game. After some years of learning coding, machine learning, 3D modeling, music (important in any game!), game design and most importantly my passion for not only games but software programming in general, I am really proud of taking part of this beautiful community.

Future projects

I have a lot of upcomming large-scale projects in progress and I don't want to give a lot about them except for my most ambitious and laborious one which will be a game comming on Steam in the late 2023/beggining 2024

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Support & founding

I don't have any affiliation with donations or support for my projects but if you wish to contact me for a collab or any official partnership, you can click on the button bellow.

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Graphic design & editing

For my 2D designs in my projects, I usually edit images and draw them myself or with the help of a professional artist.

Here is a beautiful drawing logo made by my graphical designer!

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Music career

As a developper with a background in music, I've been learning piano throughout my yought in primary and highschool, music is a mandatory skill for bringing game dev on another level.

Music portfolio